Out Now: Rise of the Soul Catchers

Sapphire and Will vow to love each other forever. But when a car crash ends that dream all too soon, they find themselves separated in an afterlife with zones named after the colours of the rainbow. Determined to find each other, they start an adventurous journey alongside a cast of characters they don’t know whether to trust. They finally meet again in the terror-fuelled Red Zone. With the Soul Catchers intent on taking over the entire afterworld, Will and Sapphire suddenly face the most dangerous battle of all…

Is their love strong enough to survive against the odds?

Available from Amazon: http://ow.ly/Fz1L30j0hqh  

Out Now: Perfect Summer

‘A Mix between The Memory Keeper’s Daughter and The Uglies’  – Sneyhayamsani. Liptick review

 Set in a society obsessed with perfection, 15-year-old Morgan is best friends with the seemingly perfect Summer. 

But when Morgan’s brother Josh, who has Down’s syndrome, is kidnapped, they uncover a sinister plot and find themselves in terrible danger.

Can they find Josh before it’s too late?

Available from Amazon: http://amzn.to/2mMXTzI 

Watch the trailer: https://youtu.be/yL0gA_q0dag