My guest author today is Elizabeth Bailey. Elizabeth’s latest book, A Winter’s Madcap Escapade – the fourth book in her Brides by Chance series – is out now.



A fugitive stranger with a shrouded past. Is she who she claims to be?

The runaway hiding in Lord Dymond’s coach pitchforks him into chaos when he decides to protect young Apple from her own folly.

How does the mysterious trust fit into her story? Will her mercenary guardians catch them up before the truth can be unravelled? Is the enigmatic lawyer Vergette a help or a hindrance?

Bow Street and an emerging ancient scandal promise disaster. Can Alex keep his protégée  safe without compromising either of their future.



“I’m not running away. I am going to London to see the lawyer.”

Alexander began to feel a touch light-headed. What had he got himself mixed up in? Why had he let the wench persuade him into this?

“I must have taken leave of my senses,” he muttered. A tiny giggle drew his attention. He cocked an eyebrow. “Find that amusing? Suppose I should count myself fortunate if I don’t come out of this with a charge of kidnapping.”

“Oh, it will not come to that, sir. I shall slip out at the next stage and no one will know I was ever in your carriage.”

For a moment, Alexander allowed himself the luxury of relief, but it was short-lived. Under no circumstances could he let the silly chit go off on her own. She’d come to grief in no time. Best to keep this reflection to himself for the moment. Didn’t want her doing something idiotic, like trying to jump from the coach. She’d shown herself capable of any sort of crazy conduct.

“What’s your name?”

A wary look entered her face. “Why should I tell you?”

“Why shouldn’t you? Considering the way you were willing to trust yourself to a strange man, can’t see why you’d balk at telling me your name.”

“I didn’t trust you! Besides, I had the pistol.”

“Which wasn’t loaded, birdwit.”

“How dare you call me birdwit?”

“What else am I to call you if I don’t know your name?”

“Well, it’s Apple.”

Alexander let out a snorting laugh. “Wish you won’t be so stubborn! Apple? No one’s called Apple.”

Her eyes flashed. “I am called Apple. It’s my papa’s fault. He began it when I was a child and it stuck.”

“Oh, it’s a pet name? What’s your real name?”

“It’s Appoline, if you must know. Appoline Greenaway.”

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Meet Liz



About Liz

I grew up in Africa on a diet of unconventional parents, theatre and Georgette Heyer. Eventually I went into acting and trod the boards in England until the writing bug got me, when I changed to teaching and directing while penning historical romances and edgy women’s fiction. My 8 year apprenticeship ended with publication by Mills & Boon, and 18 historicals. Latterly I had two historical mysteries published by Berkley and I’m hoping to release more Lady Fan novels. Meanwhile, it’s wonderful to be able to return to my first love and put out new and old releases in ebook, especially my Cinderella style stories in the Brides by Chance series.

 I asked Liz to tell us a bit more about herself

Have you always wanted to be a writer?

I’ve always written, but it was only when my sister began a writing cooperative that I began to think of getting published and took it seriously. I ended up the only one of the group to go professional but it kick-started my career.

What do you like writing most?

It varies, but I always come back to historical romance. I must say I enjoy writing much more now that I self-publish. I don’t feel the restraints of having an editor sitting on my shoulder and it’s so freeing!

Do you have a special place for writing?

These days I write after my first cup of tea, lying in bed with my Alphasmart on my lap. It gets my words done first thing and then I can do *life* or editing or promotion or whatever else is needed. I try to get 500-1500 words done if I can.

Are you a pantster or a plotter?

Used to be a plotter, and found the plot always changed when I was writing and I had to replot. In the last few years I’ve been totally a pantser as I haven’t much of a clue where I’m going with the story until I start writing the next bit. Works well with the romances as I know the genre very well now. Not always quite so successful with other genres as I might write myself into a corner.

What advice would you give to other writers?

My best advice is get the story down any way you can. Go with the flow. Don’t try and edit until you’ve got a first draft. It will be fresher and more alive because you will gather momentum as you go along. Stop/start writing can get stilted.

How to contact Liz

Website: ttp://



Twitter @lizbwrites

 Great advice, Liz! Thanks for dropping by to talk to us.

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