Morning everyone. It’s been some time since I hosted a Friday Reads post so I’ve invited author and poet Elizabeth Crocket over to talk about her debut novel, A Path to the Lake.




Kate Browning longs to experience a life of her own again after caring for her parents the past two years. However, her sister Heather’s escalating depression threatens to thrust Kate into the role of family caregiver once again. Hungry for companionship, Kate begins a relationship with Frank Fetiscina, who was there when she and Heather needed him. A part-time writer, she is offered an opportunity writing an inspiration column for the local paper by the editor, Tom Smythe. Kate is instantly attracted to him, and they begin a flirtatious and sexual relationship with no ties between them. While Kate is on a date at the bistro with Frank one evening, Tom walks in unexpectedly. Tired of the expectations Frank places on her and the lack of commitment from Tom, Kate tells them she is done and storms out, realizing it’s time to take charge of her own life again.

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Meet Elizabeth


Author bio

Elizabeth is an author and poet, with three women’s fiction novels, all with a strong romantic element, published by Crimson Cloak Publishing. The first, A Path to the Lake, is now available, and Full of Grace will be released in Fall of 2018 or Spring of 2019. The Smell of Roses will be released in 2019.  She also writes Japanese short form poetry, and has  two chapbooks, published by Red Moon Press. Elizabeth lives and writes in Ontario, Canada. She is married, and has grown children and six grandchildren she loves to the moon and back.

I asked Elizabeth to tell us a bit more about herself

Have you always wanted to be a writer?

I’m not sure that I wanted to, or planned to be, but I just wrote. I asked my teacher to read things I had written when I was in public school, just because I wanted to share my writing with someone. And then as I grew older, I journaled. So, looking back, I’ve just always liked writing things down, I suppose!

What do you like writing most?

I’ve enjoyed writing three women’s fiction novels, all with a strong romantic element.  My debut novel, A Path to the Lake, was a learning process for me, as my first full length fiction novel. I get excited developing characters, and seeing where they take the story. I also enjoy writing Japanese short form poetry, and have had two chapbooks published with Red Moon Press.

Is your writing ever inspired by  your family or real life incidents?

Yes. In A Path to the Lake, the protagonist, Kate, loses her mom. I used some of the sadness that I experienced losing my own mother, to think of how Kate might feel. And in Full of Grace, one of the characters has cancer. Having experienced a really challenging cancer journey myself, I hope I brought a ring of authenticity to it.

What time of the day do you write best?

Definitely morning. I find I am my sharpest then. Although if an idea strikes me, I could be back at the computer anytime. And with my poetry, it’s often during the night. I’ve learned to scribble quite coherently in the dark so I don’t disturb my husband!

What advice would you give to other writers?

Probably the same advice that I’ve heard often myself. Don’t give up, prepare yourself for rejection and don’t take it personally, and believe in yourself.

Good advice, Elizabeth!

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Crimson Cloak Publishing: Elizabeth Crocket

Thanks so much for dropping by and telling us about your book, Elizabeth. Wishing you lots of sales.


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