A warm welcome to my Friday Reads blog. Today I’m featuring an uplifting, escapist romance set in the glamorous world of showbusiness. The Prosecco Effect by Cheri Davies



Can love shine brighter than a super trouper spotlight for Felicity and Orlando?

Felicity Joy is a fallen star: axed from the leading role in a TV drama and jilted at the altar, her life is a mess. A six month theatrical tour of Italy offers escape: a chance to rebuild her career, mend her broken heart and indulge in her favourite cuisine.

Orlando Locatelli is an Italian restaurateur superstar. But his family are trouble – his theatre director father has a penchant for his leading ladies.

Damaged by secrets and with careers their number one priority, Felicity and Orlando aren’t looking for love. But when they meet, the attraction is instant.

Will theirs be a brief encounter or can they overcome their fears to be together forever?

An uplifting, sweet romance set in Italy and the glamorous world of show business – a perfect holiday read

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It sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? Let’s find out a bit about Cheri

Have you always wanted to be a writer, Cheri?

No. As a girl I wasn’t at all keen, only writing when I absolutely had to – i.e. when my English teacher told me to! But I loved reading and stories; I devoured books. I went on to study English Literature and I worked as an actress in my 20s, before retraining as a journalist and copywriter when children came along. My working life has been characterised by narrative, but writing fiction came later. I was in my 40s when I wrote my first novel.

Has any author inspired you?

Gosh, way too many to name them all here. I’m constantly awed by the incredible talent out there.

What do you like writing most?

Definitely longer form fiction. I have written short stories – with some degree of success, publication, competition wins and so forth – but novels are where I’m at. I write under two names and Cheri is the ‘lighter’ me. It’s such fun to write fast-paced, heart-warming fiction and I love the world of show business and theatre; it’s rammed with fascinating characters and drama.

Do you have a special place for writing?

I’m lucky – now I have an office in the garden, complete with en-suite bathroom. But when I began, I wrote wherever I could find a space in our (not very big) house.

Are you a pantser or a plotter?

Somewhere in the middle. I tend to know where the story begins and roughly where it will finish. Once I’m 30k words in, or sure that the story has legs, I tend to reach for the post-its and loosely plot.

Is your writing ever inspired by your family or real life incidents?

I’ll use locations I know and have visited – like Italy, and New York where the story picks up in book 2, The Manhattan Effect, and I’ll occasionally borrow details for minor characters. But I prefer not to draw on real-life experiences and people for fear of offending! I’m a chicken.

What are you writing at the moment?

Stage Door 2 – The Manhattan Effect in which Fliss and Orlando’s lives cross the pond, or not…

Also, I’m working on another ‘Laura’ novel. Two sisters, separated for 12 years. One can’t remember; the other can’t forget. It’s a story of love, betrayal and vodka-bottled shaped holes in memory.

That souns intriguing.

The common factor between Cheri and Laura is an obsession with booze it seems!

What time of the day do you write best?


What are your hobbies?

Films, box-sets (currently obsessed with Vikings, The End of the F***ing World, and My Crazy Ex-girlfriend), eating out, and reading.

What advice would you give to other writers?

Read, read, read – within your genre and outside of it. Edit, edit, edit.

Great advice, Cheri!

Author Bio

Cheri Davies is a mother to ginger boys and author of the new novel The Prosecco Effect. A former actor, Cheri loves to write romance and intrigue set in the glamorous world of show business. The Prosecco Effect is the first book in the Stage Door series, following the adventures of Felicity Joy and Orlando Locatelli in Italy. Cheri has published four novels and numerous short stories in another guise. An unsporty girl, Cheri surprised herself, and many others, when she broke the school long jump record aged 12. It was the first time she’d jumped – competitively.

You can find out more about Cheri here:


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