It’s always lovely to feature someone I know personally on my blog so today I’m delighted to welcome fellow author Diane Need, who lives in Worcesterhire, where I used to live. Diane is interviewing her main character Beth from her debut novel, Press Three for Goodbye.


A cheating husband

A confidence crisis

Does life really begin at 40?

When Beth, a stay-at-home wife who is fast approaching forty, decides to put some romance back into her flagging marriage, her plans are thwarted when her husband announces he’s leaving her for his intellectual equal.  All he leaves Beth with is an order to vacate the family home and the wrath of her acid-tongued mother-in-law.  Beth has no career, no money and no self-esteem.

Beth’s best friend Jackie manages to find her a job at a care home.  The work is challenging, and, with a string of obstacles being dropped on her, one after another, her life descends into chaos.

There is a flicker of light on the horizon when handsome Ryan Morgan enters her life and offer to dog-sit her beloved dog, Rodney.  But are Beth and Ryan meant to be together?  And will they be able to pursue a relationship when she discovers more secrets about those she thought she knew so well?

Extract from Press Three for Goodbye

Clutching Rodney’s lead, Beth balanced precariously on one leg and then the other to try to pull off her wellies.  Not wanting to drag the gloopy mud that had squeezed into their grooves through the house, she wobbled around desperately trying to pull the wretched thing off her left foot.  With Rodney’s lead still wound around her right hand, she wrestled furiously with a soggy sock, yanking and twisting at the toe part while Rodney weaved between her legs, impatient to escape.  Giving an extra tug at the grey sodden sock, Beth toppled backwards, landing unceremoniously on the hard gravel drive.  Rodney seized his chance and did a Houdini type escape from his collar.  As Beth frantically scrambled to her feet, she sensed someone was behind her.

“Are you okay?” asked a familiar male voice.

Beth’s heart sank when she saw Paul and the Munter staring down at her.

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Now let’s read Diane’s interview with Beth


Name: Beth Bishop

Age: 39

Resides: Worcester, Worcestershire

Marital Status: Separated

Children: Two (Ben, 23) and Tash (19)

Hi Beth, thanks for talking to us today. I have to ask, how did you feel when your husband Paul left you?

Beth sighs. I felt totally gutted. I’d given him twenty-three years of my life and, at his and his parents insistence, I’d put aside my dreams and aspirations to look after our children.

Did you always put Paul’s wishes first?

I guess I did, albeit unwittingly.  I was young and naive when we met.  Paul was the “clever one with a law degree.”  I came from an ordinary working class family. When I fell pregnant with Ben, Penelope, Paul’s mother, drummed it in that he was the one providing for us and climbing the career ladder.

I believe Jackie, your best friend, got you a job caring for the elderly.  How did you get on?

Well, I was terrified to be honest.  I hadn’t worked since my part-time waitressing job during college days, and i have to confess, it wasn’t my ideal of a dream job. Beth smiles. I knew nothing about caring for the elderly, but I was really grateful to Jackie because she encouraged and believed in me. She’d gone out on a limb recommending me to Sandra, the manager at Holly Mount, and it was the chance I needed to stand on my own two feet.

And I believe you’re working in a different role now?

Yes, I’m still working part-time at Holly Mount as a receptionist, but I’m also at college studying for qualifications in complementary therapy.  Something I’ve always dreamed of doing.

Gosh, that’s quite a change from caring for elderly people.  How did that happen?

It’s a long story. I started training in complementary therapy when I left school, but I left college when I was pregnant with Ben.  I’ve always regretted not qualifying and Mum’s sister, Aunt Lena, who is a therapist herself, encouraged me to go back to college. She made me realise that it’s never too late to follow your heart.

And how do you feel about returning to study?

I was nervous at first.  It’s a big step, but I’m so glad I’ve done it.  I’m enjoying the work, especially the practical side, although there’s an awful lot of theory, too.  I’m getting to grips with it, but with working as well, I sometimes struggle to fit it all in.  I think that’s the same for a lot of working people, too.

Does that mean it is all work and no play for you?

Beth nods. At the moment I guess it does feel like that, but I know that it’ll all be worth it when I qualify.

And in your personal life – can you see a future with Ryan?

“I admit that I miss him, and so does Rodney. Beth fusses her dog.  But his contract in Canada has been extended, so I don’t know when or if I’ll see him again.  I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

I hope thinks work out for you, Beth, thanks for talking to us

If you want to find out how Beth gets on, you can buy Press Three for Goodbye here:


What Readers are saying about Press Three for Goodybe:

This is a wonderfully written story, with believable characters, terrific dialogue and a great plot. Shelly

A superbly written novel by an up and coming author. Amazon reader

I was instantly sucked into the story and fell in love with the character Beth.



Meet Diane

Author bio

Diane was born in the West Midlands and has three grown-up children. She trained as a counsellor and has worked in bereavement, education welfare and social work. Her work and her personal life have given her understanding of how life issues can impact upon us all.

Following the diagnosis of a long term medical condition, Diane re-evaluated her life. Her childhood love of writing was rekindled when she was advised that she needed a break and she immediately thought of a writing retreat.  She has written poetry which has been published and she was short-listed in a local short story competition

Press Three for Goodbye is her first novel.

Diane now lives near to the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire with her Jack Russell cross, Ruby.

You can follow her on Facebook, Diane Need Author Page:

Twitter @dianeneed author

Instagram: Diane Need Author

Thanks so much for dropping by, Diane. Lots of luck with your book. 🙂

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