Hello everyone! My latest rom come, The Bridesmaid’s Dilemma was published on 7 June so this week I’m chatting to Eddie, the French male love interest from the story, which is set mainly in Majorca.


First of all, let me tell you a bit about the book.


Fun-loving travel rep Jess doesn’t want to be chief bridesmaid at her snooty cousin’s wedding, but it will cause a family feud if she refuses. She doesn’t want to fall in love either but when a raucous stag party arrives at her Majorcan hotel, Jess hits it off instantly with best man, Eddie. A summer romance is exactly what commitment-phobe Jess needs and, as the stag-do draws to a close, so does the holiday fling. She has no intentions of carrying on the summer fun but when Eddie turns up again, Jess is faced with a big dilemma.

Will this bridesmaid get the happy-ever-after she never knew she wanted?

Meet Eddie

I often scout Pinterest for inspiration for my characters and story. When I came across this photo, it w as exactly how I imagined Eddie to look so I added it to my WIP board.

You can see all my Pinterest boards here: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/karenkingauthor/

Now let’s move onto my interview with Eddie as I’m sure you’ll all want to know more about him.

Thanks for coming along to talk to us, Eddie. You were dreading the stag do in Majorca, weren’t you?

Certainement! Ross and the lads are so wild when they’re together. There is no telling what they’ll do. I knew that I would have to watch them all the time, and Carly would be so furieux if anything happened to Ross – or if he did something stupid. I knew it would be hard work keeping them all in check.

Do you think Carly booked you into a family hotel on purpose?

Mais oui! She didn’t want Ross to have a stag do at all and I think she thought if we were in a family hotel we would all have to watch what we were doing. It backfired though and we could have been left without anywhere to stay if it wasn’t for Jess.

What attracted you to Jess?

She was so kind to help us out then later when I saw her dancing at the club she looked so beautiful, and carefree with her bright red hair.  It was as if she didn’t care what anyone thought about her. I was intrigué.

You didn’t want to get attached to anyone though, did you? Not after Yvette?

No absolument. Yvette hurt me terribly. Naturellement I don’t want to be in that position ever again. I have girlfriends, lovers, yes but nothing serious.

Did you enjoy your time in Majorca?

It is a beautiful island, but I was too busy trying to keep Ross and the other stag do guys in order to relax and enjoy it properly. They were terrible. I was scared something would go wrong and Carly would cancel the wedding.

Something did go wrong though didn’t it?

Merde! Oui. Ross got so drunk he didn’t know what he was doing but Carly would have been mad if she found out.  It was all such a mess. I was so relieved when the stag do was finally over.

You didn’t really want to say goodbye to Jess, did you? How did you feel when you bumped into her again?

I liked Jess and we had a good time together so yes I was sad to say goodbye. Then I was so shocked – and pleased – to see her again. But then I messed it up and I thought that was it, fini.

Thanks so much for dropping by to talk to us, Eddie. Now let’s read an extract from the scene where Eddie sees Jess dancing, and the attraction between them both starts to grow.


Eddie recognised her as soon as he walked in. The bright red hair was a dead giveaway, although now it was hanging loose around her shoulders instead of tied up in a ponytail, and she was wearing a strappy silver mini-dress rather than the yellow T-shirt and faded denim shorts she’d worn this afternoon. Very sexy. There was a carefree air about her, a suggestion that she didn’t conform, wasn’t scared to be different. It intrigued him. Jess, that’s what the hotel manager had called her.

He watched as she kissed a fair-haired guy on the cheek then went over to join a group of people dancing while the guy went up to the bar. Were they an item, he wondered. Someone as gorgeous as Jess was bound to be taken.

‘I’ll get the first round in,’ Ross said. ‘What you all having?’

‘Jack Daniels for me,’ said Greg.

Eddie tore his eyes away from Jess and followed Ross to the bar. When they returned with their drinks, a crowd had gathered around Jess and a woman with long dark hair, and people were cheering and clapping as they both danced in the middle of the floor. Jess tossed her long hair, shook her lithe hips and rocked it like there was no tomorrow. While the other woman was gyrating, twirling, twerking, you name it, her black satin halter-neck jumpsuit clinging to her body like a second skin, emphasising her long legs, slender frame and sun-tanned skin. She was pretty, in a conventional sort of way, but Jess was striking. And had curves to die for.

Greg followed his gaze. ‘Hey, isn’t that the lass who helped us sort out our rooms at the hotel?  Who’s that stunner with her?’

‘Probably another rep. Good dancers, aren’t they?’

‘Cool it, mate, getting off with a couple of chicks is not what this stag weekend is all about,’ Ross told him.

‘You might be chained, but the rest of us aren’t,’ Greg said, walking over to join the group around the two dancers.

‘It’d only be polite to say hello, she did help us out,’ Matt said, following Greg.

Ross shrugged his shoulders. ‘I guess so.’

Greg and Matt joined the circle around the two girls, clapping and stamping their feet along with the rest. Tony and Sam followed them. Ross and Eddie looked at each other, shrugged then walked over, too. When the song had finished, the crowd gave the girls resounding applause.

Eddie saw Jess glance over at him, smile and wave. Then she and her friend both walked over to the bar to get a drink.

‘Let’s go and talk to them,’ Greg said. ‘I’d like to meet the friend.’

Eddie followed him, feeling ridiculously pleased that it wasn’t Jess Greg was interested in.


‘Don’t look now, but there’s a group of guys coming over to us. And they’re pretty fit.’

Jess turned her head slightly and saw that it was Eddie and one of the others from the stag group. She’d hoped he’d come over. All the while she was dancing she felt his eyes on her. He really was something. She wouldn’t mind spending a bit of time with him.

Take it easy, he’s probably got a girlfriend, she reminded herself. In her experience, guys in stag parties were always trying it on, conveniently forgetting their girlfriend/partner back at home.

Still, as a rep at the hotel he was staying at, she had to be friendly.

‘That was some dance.’ The other man – Greg according to his T-shirt – said, his eyes on Libby. Sandy-haired, a roguish twinkle in his blue eyes, just the right amount of stubble on his chiselled-chin, the sort of smooth operator with a ‘bad lad’ air that Libby always went for but had never appealed to Jess. Good job he wasn’t the groom.

Libby, true to form, flashed him a megawatt smile. ‘Thanks.’

‘Hello again,’ He nodded at Jess, but it was obvious his attention was on Libby. ‘Thanks for helping us sort the rooms out.’ Greg was slurring his words slightly. They’d probably been drinking all afternoon and evening, taking advantage of the cheap drinks here.

‘You’re welcome,’ Jess replied. ‘Which hotel did you get sent to?’

‘The one over the road.’

‘Oh, this is the stag party you told me about,’ Libby said. ‘Now which one of you is the stag?’

‘Ross,’ Greg pointed his thumb at Ross. ‘Are you a rep at the hotel, too?’ He pointed to the name on the front of his T-shirt. ‘I’m Greg.’

‘So, I see.’ Libby shook the hand he offered. ‘I’m Libby. And yes, I’m a rep, too. Glad you managed to get your rooms sorted out. Manuel is a stickler for obeying the rules.’

‘Thanks to Jess,’ Eddie joined in. ‘We haven’t been properly introduced, have we? Hello, Jess.’ He leaned forward and kissed her on both cheeks, soft sensual lips fleetingly touching her skin, a heady waft of after-shave, warm breath enticingly close. She felt a bit dizzy.  She must have drunk more than she realised.

‘I am Édouard, Eddie.’

Édouard. She mentally rolled the name around on her tongue. Nice. It seemed a shame to shorten it.

‘Er… hi.’

‘Thank you for your help, Jess.’ Every time he spoke it sent goose bumps down her spine.

‘It was nothing,’ she replied.

Greg was looking at Libby as if he’d never seen anyone as amazing as her before. Libby often had that effect on men.

‘Let me buy you and your friend a drink to say thank you. It would have been a really difficult situation without your help.’

‘Thanks, vodka and coke please,’ Libby replied before Jess could decline. Not that she was about to, not with Eddie looking at her like that.

‘And you?’ Greg looked questioningly at Jess.

She smiled and nodded. ‘A vodka and coke for me too, please.’

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