My International best-selling romance novel, The Cornish Hotel by the Sea, was published a year ago this month and is still rising high in the charts, so to celebrate I thought I’d interview Ellie, the main character from the book.

First, let’s take a look at the cover and find out a bit about the story.



The Cornish Hotel by the Sea: Escape to Cornwall with this perfect summer read

“A feel-good summer escape.” Mandy Baggot

Ellie Truman’s widowed mum is struggling to keep Gwel Teg, the family hotel in Cornwall, afloat.  Ellie is determined to do everything in her power to help her, even if that means moving back to the sleepy Cornish village she fled from broken-hearted a few years ago.
Things go wrong from the start and she’s grateful for the help from hunky guest, Reece Mitchell. But does Reece have ulterior motives? Will Ellie’s efforts be for nothing?

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Now over to Ellie. Thanks so much for popping by to talk to us today, Ellie.

You moved away from Cornwall, didn’t you? Why was that?

I ran away with a broken heart, in my late teens, and moved to the Midlands. And to be honest, lovely as Cornwall was I felt I wanted to live in a livelier place, where there’s more going on. I always love coming down for a holiday and to visit my mum though.

Was it a shock when your Mum was taken ill?

Gosh yes. I had no idea how much she had been struggling since Dad died. When Mandy phoned me to say that Mum had collapsed and been taken to hospital I was really worried and rushed down to help.

You had another shock when you arrived at Gwel Teg, didn’t you?

I certainly did. Mum had kept from me just how bad her finances were, and the amount of refurbishing the hotel needed. I felt really guilty that I hadn’t gone down more often. I tried to talk her into selling up but she didn’t want to so I was determined to help her get Gwel Teg back on its feet again.

Were you glad to be back in Cornwall?

Oh yes. I’m always glad to be back.  As soon as I see the sea and hear the seagulls squawking outside my bedroom window I feel at home. I can never wait to walk along the golden sand and paddle in the sea.

What were your first impression of Reece?

Well he’s definitley a looker! But I thought he was arrogant and rude. And I had no idea he was such a ruthless businessman.

You changed your mind though didn’t you? In fact, you actually fell in love with him.

I did. But how I wish I’d listened to my instincts, and trusted my first impression of him.

Lots of things went wrong, didn’t it? Did you feel like giving up.

Yes, it seemed like one disaster after another. I didn’t know if I could succeed into turning Gwel Teg into a thriving business again, but I was determined to try. It meant so much to Mum.

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What some people are saying about The Cornish Hotel by the Sea.

‘A great romance story by a superb author.’ Amazon review,

‘Oh my goodness, Karen King has done it again! Another absolutely fabulous story.’ Amazon review.

‘This is a lovely story, and I could really picture life in Gwel Teg, and the little Cornish village.‘ Goodreads.

‘This really is stonking great read that will leave you wanting more.’ Goodreads.

‘Best book I have read in ages. Couldn’t put it down. Fab ending. My star rating would be max 10 out of 10. Superb!!‘ Goodreads.

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