I’m delighted to welcome Historical romance novelist, Juliet Bell, onto my blog today.Juliet is interviewing her character Jane from The Other Wife. The Other Wife is set in outback Australia, and is an adaptation of Jane Eyre. Let’s take a look at the stunning cover and find out a bit about the book first.

Outback Australia, 1981

After a terrible childhood, Jane comes to Thornfield as nanny to the adorable Adele, watched over by the handsome and enigmatic Edward. Plain and inexperienced, Jane would never dream of being more than his hired help. But swept up in the dramatic beauty of the Outback, she finds herself drawn to Edward. And, to her surprise, he seems to return her feelings.

But Jane is not the first woman Edward has pledged to make mistress of Thornfield.

As a child, Betty was taken from her English home and sent for adoption in Australia. At first, no-one wanted her, deeming her hair too curly, and her skin too dark. Until the scheming Mr Mason sees a chance to use Betty to cement a relationship with the rich and powerful Rochester dynasty…

When Jane discovers Betty’s fate, will she still want to be the next Mrs Rochester?

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Now let’s move onto the interview with Jane. Thanks for coming Jane. I hope the stairs weren’t too much. It’s a lovely day so why don’t we do the interview out on the balcony?

Erm… I’d rather stay indoors if that’s ok. Is it a very long way down?

 Seventeenth floor. The view’s amazing.

No. Thank you. I’ll be fine staying here I think.

Oh, sorry Jane. Are you scared of heights?

Not scared exactly. I just had a bad experience when I was younger on a balcony. And sometimes it feels as though the floor is going to come up to meet me and there’s nothing I can do to stop myself from falling and… and I just don’t really like being high up. That’s all.

I’m sorry to hear that. What happened?

My aunt’s flat, where I lived, was an awfully long way up. I remember being left out there and feeling like I was going to fall.

She left you out there. That’s awful. I hope you don’t have any other phobias.

Oh no. I’m not scared of anything else. Well, I’m a bit nervous in big groups of people. And I don’t have much experience with men. And sometimes I’m scared of how I feel about women. And I don’t like sporting equipment sheds. There was a … a bit of an incident with my cousin – my aunt’s son. He didn’t like me very much.

Did you live with your aunt then?

Yes. And my cousins. We weren’t close though. I missed my mother and the wide open space where I used to live, before the police came.

Oh dear. It sounds like you had quite a difficult childhood. I’m sure things have settled down now though.

Oh yes. In fact I’ve just started a new job as a nanny and tutor to the most wonderful little girl.

That sounds great.

Adele, the little girl, is wonderful. And Mrs Fairfax, who looks after the house is very kind. And it’s such a big house. I’d never seen anything like it. I thought my aunt was well off with her big flat, but Thornfield is like a mansion. There’s one whole wing of the upstairs that’s closed off and nobody is allowed to go in there. And the man who owns it owns all the land as far as you can see in any direction.

He sounds like quite a guy. Does his wife mind having another young woman in the house?

Oh he’s not married. I mean I guess there must have been someone… Adele’s mother. I don’t know. Maybe she passed away. To be honest I’ve not even met him yet. He’s coming home soon though. Edward Rochester. I’m very excited to meet him.

Meet Juliet


Juliet Bell is the collaborative pen name of respected authors Janet Gover and Alison May.

Juliet was born at a writers’ conference, with a chance remark about heroes who are far from heroic. She was raised on pizza and wine during many long working lunches, and finished her first novel over cloud storage and skype in 2017.

Juliet shares Janet and Alison’s preoccupation with misunderstood classic fiction, and stories that explore the darker side of relationships. You can find out more about Juliet on facebook www.facebook.com/JulietBellBooks or follow Juliet on Twitter @JulietBellBooks

Alison May also writes commercial women’s fiction and romantic comedies and can be found at www.alison-may.co.uk

Janet Gover writes contemporary romantic adventures mostly set in outback Australia and can be found at www.janetgover.com

Thanks so much for dropping by to talk to us, Jane. Wishing you many sales of your fantastic book!

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