It’s Monday again, which means ‘Meet the Characters’ time and this week prolific author Lesley Cookman is interviewing Libby Sarjeant, from her bestselling Libby Sarjeant Murder Mysteries. Libby is the star of eighteen books, two novellas and three short stories. I can’t wait to find out more about her! Here’s the cover of Lesley’s latest release.


A new title in the popular cosy crime series by bestselling author Lesley Cookman

When the sleepy village of Steeple Martin announces its first beer festival, the locals are excited. Beer, sun and music, what could possibly go wrong?

But when an unexpected death shakes the village, it’s up to Libby Sarjeant to solve the puzzle.

Was it just another rock star death or is there something more sinister afoot?

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Now let’s find out more about Libby. Over to you, Lesley, for the interview.

Thanks, Karen, Hello, Libby. Thanks for dropping by. Can you tell the readers how you ended up up in Steeple Martin?

After my husband and I separated, we sold our large family house near Canterbury, and I needed to downsize. All three of our children had left home, so I only needed a small house. My friends Peter and Harry, whom I had met through my association with the local theatre company, had moved to Steeple Martin, Peter’s home village, and they decided I should go there, too. So they started the “search for Bide-a-Wee” which resulted in my buying number 17, Allhallow’s Lane.

How did you meet Ben?

I also met Ben through my association with the theatre. Both of us had worked in the professional theatre in our younger days, but when I moved to Steeple Martin, he was converting his family’s Oast House into a theatre, and Peter and I became involved in the first production, so we were rather forced into contact!

What was your writing career like? Where were your scripts performed?

I wrote pantomimes, mainly, as I was a regular panto performer. They were performed by most of the Pantomime Production companies all over the UK. Other than that, I have no pretentions to being a writer. (Unlike that woman Cookman.)

Where did you perform as a pro actor?

Mainly provincial rep, when it existed. Hull, Scarborough, Birmingham, Newcastle, Wimbledon – all over the place.

If there was a film about your life, who would you like to play Ben?

A slightly younger Paul Freeman. Love him!

When did Sidney come into your life? Has he got a cat flap?

He arrived in my previous home as a stray, and just stayed! Yes, he has a cat flap in the conservatory, but has a predeliction for shooting out of the front door between people’s legs. He can be a bit of a grump, but I love him dearly.

How did you meet Fran?

Ben introduced us during rehearsals for the first Oast House production. She had worked with him as a consultant and he thought she might be helpful with the problems we were having. I was jealous at first, but as time went on it became clear that Fran had other fish to fry! I’m still jealous, because she’s taller and slimmer than I am, and very elegant. However, we have a lot in common, both having been actors, both divorced and both with three grown up children, although Fran actually has grandchildren, something I’ve managed to avoid so far!

Meet  Lesley

Author bio

Lesley Cookman, former actor, model, journalist and editor, writes the Libby Sarjeant mystery series and The Alexandrians Edwardian Mystery series. She lives on the Kent coast with two cats and the occasional returning grown up child, of whom she has four and two middle sized grandchildren. Like Libby, she is very involved in local theatre, particularly pantomime.

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There’s another Libby Sarjeant Murder book in the pipeline too. Look out for it! Here’s the cover.

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