Popular HQ Digital author Rachel Dove is joining us this week, with an interview with her character Maria Mallory from The Wedding Shop on Wexley St.


Let’s find out a bit about the book first!


Maria is ready to say ‘Yes, to the dress’!

As owner of Happy Ever After, Maria Mallory is Westfield’s resident wedding planner, spending her days making dreams come true for future brides.

Maria even has her own perfect day planned out too, she just needs to find the right man. So when she falls in love with local celeb Darcy Burgess she can’t believe her luck – it was finally her turn for her Happy Ever After. Or so she thought.

Jilted at the altar, Maria can’t believe that her fairytale ending hasn’t come true. She’s ready to give up on love once and for all. But little does she know that once you stop looking for it, love has a way of surprising you…

A laugh-out-loud romance, perfect for fans of Holly Martin and Tilly Tennant.

What readers are saying about Rachel:

‘such an entertaining and wonderful story!’

‘A fun, heartfelt and well paced story that kept me entertained all the way through.’

‘a happy, bubbly and entertaining read’

I adored this book, it was such a lovely story and it had me reminiscing at times about my own wedding day!’

Laughter and joy interspersed with disappointment and grief weave together to make aheart warming, engaging story about friendship and love.’

It sounds a brilliant read, doesn’t it? Let’s move on to Rachel’s interview with Maria now.

So, Maria, we are here today to discuss your recent wedding….

Er, my wedding shop actually. This article was to advertise my business, Happy Ever After.

Er, yes, but – what about your happy ever after? It has been well documented in the press recently that your wedding to Darcy Burgess, THE Darcy from Burgess Teas of Harrogate, ended with him being pictured looking very upset….

Him, upset? Him? My business is tanking, I am living with my friend, who thinks Stig of the Dump was a interior designer, and HE is upset! He can..can…shove his tea where the son doesn’t shine!

(Reporter looks gleeful)

So, you seem to have a little resentment towards your would-be-husband? Are you saying that you blame him for your failed marriage attempt?

Blame him? Listen, I really just wanted to talk about my shop – this was for the wedding fair pullout. I am available for bookings this summer, and well into the winter. I provide a full service, from costume design to a bespoke wedding ceremony –

Did you design your own wedding dress?

(looking irritated) I did yes, but my mother-in- Mrs Burgess – she wanted me in a designer gown. As I was saying, I have some good relationships with many local businesses, meaning that Westfield can be your one stop shop for weddings, no matter how big or intimate. We use the local flower shop, Love Blooms, and many bespoke table decorations from A New Lease of Life, which is our local boutique shop.

Lovely. So, what did you do with the wedding presents?

Well, the bride and groom usually make their own lists, and we can of course have things delivered to the venue-

No, your wedding gifts! What happened to them? Did you keep them? I heard the cast of Emmerdale gifted you a rather nice silver service set.

(looking surprised) I have no idea, Mrs Burgess will have attended to that. Going back to the article…

Yes, we will. Do you have anything to say to Mrs Burgess?

Err…no, I have nothing to say about my wedding, or to anyone. I really just wanted to discuss my business, and our services. If we could just get on!

No problem, sorry. So, next question.

(looking relieved) Thank you.

So, are you seeing anyone new?


Sadly, our interview was cut short, due to a wedding emergency. Thank you Maria, for speaking to us, and for all your wedding needs, think Happy Ever After!

 It you want to read more you can buy the book here:


Meet Rachel

I asked Rachel to tell us a bit about herself

Well, Karen, I am a writer and teacher, living in West Yorkshire with my husband, our two sons, and our furry pets.

In July 2015, I won the Prima magazine and Mills & Boon Flirty Fiction Competition, with my entry, The Chic Boutique on Baker Street, out now in ebook and paperback. The Flower Shop on Foxley Street followed this in 2017 and both books hit the Amazon top 200. Chic Boutique got to #2 in the rural life humour chart and is regularly in the top 100 of that chart. The Wedding Shop on Wexley Street came out in ebook on 10th August and the paperback 1st November 2018.

I am the winner of the Writers Bureau Writer of the Year Award in 2016 and I have had work published in the UK and overseas in various magazines.

My standalone soldier book, The Long Walk Back, came out in January 2018 and I am currently writing the next book in the Westfield series. My first book with Manatee Books, Nice Guys Finish Lonely, came out in April 2018 in ebook and paperback. I love to write romantic fiction, both rom-com and harder hitting women’s fiction.

I am also a post 16 teacher and am undertaking an MA in Creative Writing at Teesside University.

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Thanks so much for dropping by to talk to us, Rachel. Good luck with your book!

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