To celebrate the New Year I’m starting a new series of blogs, where you get to meet the characters from some popular books, ‘interviewed’ by the authors. I think this will be a fun way to find out a bit more about the books. I hope you enjoy the feature. I’m kicking off the blog with an ‘interview’ with Morgan, the protagonist of my emotionally chilling YA Perfect Summer.


Set in a society obsessed with perfection, 15 year old Morgan is best friends with the seemingly perfect, Summer. But when Morgan’s brother, Josh, who has Down’s syndrome, is kidnapped, they uncover a sinister plot and find themselves in terrible danger.

Can they find Josh before it’s too late?

Perfect Summer is set in the future about thirty years from now. The heroine of Perfect Summer is 15-year-old Morgan Taylor. Let’s find out a bit more about her.

Hi Morgan. Welcome to my blog. My readers would like to know a bit more about you so I wonder if you could answer a few questions. Let’s start of with the society you live in. Everyone is pretty much obsessed with how they look and striving to be as beautiful as they can. How do you feel about that?
Morgan: I never really thought about it, it’s just the way it was. I was actually looking forward to being 16 so I could have some PP (Physical Perfection) surgery. But now, after what happened to Josh, I’m really angry about this obsession with perfect looks. It nearly destroyed my family.

Your family was put under a lot of pressure when Josh was born. How did that make you feel? Did you ever wish your parents would put him in care?
Morgan: I loved Josh as soon as I saw him, we all did. But I’m really ashamed to admit that I resented him sometimes. I got bullied a lot at school because of him, and that was really hard. But no, I never wanted to send him away. I really love him. He’s my little brother, and to me he’s perfect just as he is.

Having a rich, cool friend like Summer must be really hard for you. Did you ever resent her?
Morgan: Yes, lots! I couldn’t help it, she had everything – looks, money, cool parents – the lot! Or so I thought. She was a good friend though, and was always there for me. I feel really sorry for her how everything turned out.

How did you feel when you discovered how many disabled children had been kidnapped and why?
Morgan: Sick. Angry. And desperate to save Josh and the other kids.

You, Summer and Jamie risked your lives to find Josh. Especially you and Jamie. Were you ever scared?
Morgan: Terrified!  I really thought  we were going to die. But what could I do? I had to find Josh and the LEF weren’t bothering.

Talking about Jamie, do you fancy him?
Morgan: You bet. He’s really cool. I thought he was a bit geeky at first but he risked everything for us. He’s fantastic.

Do you think your terrible experience has changed you?
Morgan: Definitely. I’ll never be jealous of anyone again. I realise how important my family is. And I’m tougher too, stronger inside. I was lucky. I’ve looked death in the face and survived. Others didn’t.
Thanks so much for talking to us, Morgan. 

Here’s a short extract from Perfect Summer

Summer and I hurried upstairs while Josh was busy watching TV. Summer plonked herself down on my bed while I got my things ready.

 “Want some music?” I asked, pressing the silver button on the comm-panel. The latest hit from Krescendo, our favourite band, blasted out and a hologram of them playing beamed onto the wall.

Then I pressed the green button, my wardrobe doors glided open, and a rail of clothes slid out. I glanced over at Summer, feeling awkward as always, that my room was so small and my wardrobe so sparse. Summer’s wardrobe was a huge walk-in affair full of designer clothes. Luckily, she was sprawled out watching Krescendo so I quickly grabbed the clothes I needed for the weekend and shoved them in my rucksack. Thank goodness I’d found an immaculate emerald green Maliko dress at the recycle store the other week. That would be perfect for Roxy’s. I knew Summer would let me borrow her clothes but felt better if I wore something of my own.

I took out the dress and zipped it into a freshpack to keep it crease-free. I glanced at the image screen on my bedroom wall and grimaced. My makeup needed renewing and some strands of my chestnut hair were escaping from the ponytail I’d swept it into. I swiftly fixed it and applied more make-up. I didn’t want to turn up at Summer’s looking a mess, Tamara and Leo expected everyone to always look their best. 

“Ready.” I pressed the buttons on the CP again to close my wardrobe doors, and switched off the music.

“Have a nice weekend,” Mum said as we popped in to say goodbye. She looked so pale, with dark circles under her eyes. I could tell the visit from the Ministry had upset her and hesitated for a moment, wondering if I should stay. But Dad was due home soon and I was so looking forward to the weekend. I loved going to Summer’s house and being spoilt for a bit. It was like living in another world. She was so lucky.

“Thanks, we will.” I leaned over and tousled Josh’s chestnut curls. “Bye, Josh.”

“Play, Maw,” he said, scrambling up.

“Maw going out now. I’ll play with you when I come back.”  He puckered his face as if he was going to cry, but Mum took his hand. “Come on, Josh, let’s pick some tomatoes for tea.” 

Josh’s face lit up. He loved helping Mum in the garden. Everyone had a vegetable patch, compost and water butt by order of the Ministry as part of the Planet Protection Programme. I hated gardening but Josh loved helping Mum water the plants with the rainwater collected in the butt, and picking the vegetables. Summer’s parents had a gardener, of course.

Mum led Josh out into the garden while we went out the front door.  before Josh could realise I was leaving. I had no idea how much I was going to regret not playing with Josh one more time. Or not kissing him goodbye

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