A warm welcome to YA author, Trish Moran, who is going to share a scene from her book Altered Image with us today. It’s the second book in the Clones series. Isn’t the cover fascinating?


Since their successful fight to be recognised as equal to humans, the Labs – clones from the infamous research `Centre’ – are thriving in the real world, with many going into important jobs and fields of study.

Many Labs are now in relationships with Non-Lab humans and, like Lab leader Abel and his girlfriend Ruby, expecting children. It soon becomes apparent that these children – the Hybrids – are equipped with super-human intelligence and skills beyond either Labs or Non-Labs.

As the first generation of Hybrids start to grow up, the conflicts between their human and Lab genes and their places in the new world start to take hold, and things are complicated further when a militant group of rogue Labs, known as the Radicals, prove that they’re willing to do anything in their quest to create the `perfect’ being – even at the price of human lives…

It sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Here’s an extract.

‘You’re one of the Eyes; I’m one of the Ears.’ Jez pushed back her hair. Zig watched in amazement as her ears twitched back and forth like those of an animal.

‘I’ve got owl ear implants; you can’t see them on the outside, though.’

‘What is this place?’ Zig asked.

‘A research place. We’re some sort of experiment for the Radicals,’ Jez replied.


‘That’s what they call themselves. They’re an American branch of Labs, from what I can gather,’ the other girl smiled. ‘They give me these super hearing ears, then talk around me as if I’m deaf sometimes!’

‘Are there others here?’

‘Yeah. Why don’t you come and meet them?’ Jez led her down a short corridor. ‘That’s Cam’s room on the left, Britney and Lynne are in those two rooms over on the right, that’s mine, Otis is next door to me and Simpson opposite Britney. Rhys and Tyler share the large room over there. Tony is in the last room. That’s all of us at the moment. They’re all in the lounge waiting to meet the new girl!’

Heads turned in their direction as they entered a large, comfortably furnished lounge. The boys were sprawled on a long leather sofa. Two girls sat in separate armchairs. All the young people were dressed the same in navy coloured tracksuits.

‘Eyes!’ A boy jumped up and came towards them, ‘Hi, I’m Otis! I’m Eyes, too! Eagle!’

‘Zig’ she replied, shaking his outstretched hand.

‘Cat’s eyes! Wow! Cool pupils!’

One of the girls looked up from the magazine she was reading, her nose twitching. ‘I’m Brit, pleased to meet you. You smell like the hospital! Bet you can’t wait to lose that smell!’

‘She doesn’t smell that bad, Brit!’ a young boy said. ‘I’m Cam.’

‘Only ’cos you can’t smell anything these days, Cam!’ Brit raised her eyebrows.

‘Lay off him, Brit,’ Jez said, turning to Zig she added ‘Brit and Cam are Noses.’

‘Yeah, Cam’s wonky dog nose,’ Brit continued.

‘And what are you, then?’ Cam stood up. ‘You’re dog, the same as me!’

‘But mine works!’

‘Don’t you two start arguing again!’ the third boy said, standing up and holding out his hand in a formal manner. ‘I’m Simpson, pleased to meet you, Zig.’

‘But he prefers to be called Bart!’ Cam gave a loud laugh as Simpson gave him a withering look.

‘You are so juvenile!’

‘Simpson is Ears!’ Jez continued. ‘And so is Lynne.’ The girl in the second armchair looked up from a book and gave a little wave.

‘I’m Tony, Nose!’ the last boy said.

‘Are Rhys and Tyler outside?’ Jez asked.

‘Of course! They never sit still for long!’ Cam replied.

‘They had some new stuff pumped into them this morning,’ Brit added.

‘Rhys and Tyler are the Muscles. They put something into their muscles to make them stronger and faster,’ Jez explained. ‘So, Zig – welcome to the Zoo! That’s what the staff here call us!’

‘The Zoo?’ Zig repeated in amazement.

‘Yeah, we’ve all got some kind of animal implants – ears, eyes, nose, muscle stuff. Enhancements, they call them.’

What a fascinating extract. If, like me, you want to read more you can buy the book here:

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Thanks so much for talking to us today, Trish. Wishing you many sales. 🙂

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