A warm welcome to crime thriller writer, Jenny O’Brien, who’s dropped by today to tell us about ‘Missing in Wales’ the first in her new Welsh detective thriller series. And if the cover is anything to go by it will certainly be a gripping read!


Missing in Wales, the first in an exciting new Welsh-set crime series by Jenny O’Brien, author of The Stepsister. The next in series, Stabbed in Wales, will be available soon. 

Alys is fine – don’t try to find us

Izzy Grant is haunted by the abduction of her newborn daughter five-years ago. When a postcard arrives from her missing partner, the man she believes is responsible, saying they’re fine and asking her not to try to find them, she knows she can’t give up hoping. Then she sees a face from her past. Grace Madden. Just where did she disappear to all those years ago? And is there a connection between her disappearance and that of her child?

DC Gabriella Darin, recently transferred from Swansea, is brash, bolshie and dedicated. Something doesn’t fit with the case and she’s determined to find out just what happened all those years ago. 

It sounds an intriguing story, doesn’t it? Jenny is sharing a scene from Chapter One with us.



 ‘Be careful. It’s the first time you’ve been out with her by yourself.’

 ‘Give over nagging, Izzy. We’ll be fine, won’t we, gorgeous?’ Charlie said, bending on his haunches and gently running his finger down his daughter’s plump cheek, her dark blue eyes staring back at him. ‘We’re going to let your mammy have some rest while we go to the shops. It’s time we got better acquainted. I can tell you all about football and which team to support.’

‘You will not. Don’t listen, Alys. There’s only one football team worth supporting and it’s not his,’ Izzy teased, feeling redundant now that Charlie had stolen her attention. 

This would be the first time they’d been apart since the birth and already she could feel the bonds of motherhood straining at the thought of Alys being out of her sight, even if it was only for half-an-hour. It had only taken a week for her world to shrink to the boundary walls of the house. But she’d never been happier. 

 Her eyes grazed the pair of them, and love filled every corner. They needed this time, both of them and a few minutes alone after another interrupted night’s sleep would be like a gift from the gods.  

 ‘Now, what about a goodbye kiss from your pretty mam then?’ he said. 

Pushing himself to standing, the car seat in the crook of his arm, he leaned in for a kiss reminiscent of the best Hollywood romances.

‘You daft thing,’ she laughed. But secretly she was pleased, more than pleased. 

She watched as he reversed the Mini into the road and continued watching until they were out of sight before returning to the warmth of the house. She slipped off her shoes by the front door and, fumbling into her slippers. headed for the kitchen. There was washing and ironing, not to mention food to prepare. There were so many things she knew she should be doing but she felt sick with tiredness. With a mug of tea in her hand, she returned to the sofa and, feet propped up on the end, rested back, allowing the silence envelop her. 

There was always noise in the cottage. It wasn’t Charlie’s fault that he was one of those men you could hear long before you could see them: Charlie, her one-night-stand, who seemed to have taken up root in both her house and her heart. He was always clomping around the place with a heavy tread and if it wasn’t him, it was one of his mates he’d invited back for her to feed. The house suddenly felt empty with the pervading sound of silence. 

She’d close her eyes; just for five minutes…they’d be back soon.

Well that scene has got me gripped! If you feel the same and want to read what happens next you can download the book here:


What readers say about Missing in Wales:

Gaby Darin is feisty and purposeful character that I took to immediately and that took this crime thriller to the next level for me!’ MyChestnutReadingTree blog.

No plot spoiler – but there were some super twists that had me going ‘oooh’ and I absolutely loved the ending’. Valerie Keogh, writer at Bloodhound/ Bookouture.

This is my second read from Jenny O’Brien and it’s no surprise that I absolutely loved this book. Missing in Wales is such a unique story line, with a wonderfully complex female detective and all the twists you hope for in a police procedural’. Jessica Belmont. 

‘As for the mystery itself, it was really well done. There was plenty of twists and turns, and many things to lead you down the wrong path’. ThisIsMyBookShelf blog. 

I loved this book and really liked the author’s style of writing’. Elaine Fryatt, Amazon 5 star review. 

Buy the book here: Amazon

Meet Jenny

About Jenny

Jenny O’Brien was abandoned in Dublin at the tender age of 17 by her parents when they decided to move to Wales. It was only on the completion of her studies that she was finally able to join them.
She’s an avid reader and book blogger in addition to being a RoNA book judge.
She writes for both children and adults with a new book coming out every six months or so.
In her spare time she can be found frowning at her wonky cakes and even wonkier breads. You’ll be pleased to note she won’t be entering Bake-Off. She’s also an all-year-round sea swimmer.
Jenny currently resides on the island of Guernsey with her husband, children and cats. She works as a nurse and writes in her spare time.

You can contact Jenny here:

Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Jenny-OBrien/e/B014TN5SKK/ref=dp_byline_cont_pop_ebooks_1

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/JennyOBrienWriter/

Twitter https://twitter.com/scribblerjb

Blog https://jennyobrienwriter.wordpress.com/

Thank you for dropping by to talk to us about your fascinating new book, Jenny. Wishing you many sales. 🙂

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