It’s ‘Share a Scene’ Thursday again and I’m delighted to welcome author Liz Eeles whose romcom New Starts and Cherry Tarts at the Cosy Kettle has just been released. Just take a look at that gorgeous cover!


After yet another failed romance, twenty-six-year-old Callie Fulbright is giving up on love. She’s determined to throw all her efforts into her very own, brand-new café: The Cosy Kettle. Serving hot tea, cherry tarts and a welcoming smile to the friendly locals proves to be the perfect distraction, and Callie feels a flush of pride at the fledgling business she’s built.

But her new-found confidence is soon put to the test when her gorgeous ex reappears in the quaint little village. She’ll never forget the heartache Noah caused her years ago, but when they bump into each other on the cobbled streets of Honeyford she can’t help but feel a flutter in her chest…

As Callie and Noah share laughter and memories, she starts to wonder if this could be her second chance at happiness. But when Callie discovers that someone is mysteriously trying to ruin the café’s reputation… she has an awful suspicion that Noah knows who’s involved.

Was she wrong to ever trust him again? And can she find out who’s behind the lies and rumours, before it’s too late for the Cosy Kettle?

What Readers are saying about Callie’s story:

‘Words cannot describe how much I adored this novel… I loved every minute… hooks you from the start… will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy and I just loved every page… simply brilliant.’ The Cosiest Corner, 5 stars

‘The story grabs me from the very first page… wonderful!… reading about the cups of coffee and plates of lemon drizzle cakes made my taste buds tingle!… I found myself laughing all the way through! It is a definite page turner and I literally could not put it down once I started it!… a delight to read… Fabulous!! Highly recommended!’ Stardust Book Reviews

I absolutely adored this beautiful book… completely delightful… will warm your heart and leave you smiling from ear to ear. Highly recommend to all.’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 st

It sounds a fantastic read, doesn’t it? Let’s take a peek  at an extract:

Chapter One

Honeyford is waking up. Curtains are drawn back in golden-yellow cottages, pale spring sunshine is glinting on the old market house, and the washed stone doorstep of the Pheasant and Fox pub is dripping with soapy water.

Beyond the huddled buildings, sheep are tiny white specks on hills that roll gently towards a purple horizon. It’s a glorious view, and one that usually fills my heart with peace and joy – but this morning I couldn’t give a monkey’s.

Rushing along the High Street, I check my watch for the umpteenth time and body-swerve a mum who’s pushing a sleeping baby in a pram. Poor woman. She could do with clambering into the pram and getting some kip herself if the lines of exhaustion etched across her face are anything to go by.

Normally, I’d flash her a sympathetic smile, because I can’t help feeling sorry for new parents. My best friend, Sarah, insists she’ll never be a mother because it sounds so awful – a never-ending round of sore nipples, broken sleep and nappy brain.

But right now, nothing must distract me from getting to work on time. My new boss starts today so rocking up after nine o’clock is not on. And I can hardly say, Sorry I’m late but Gramp is threatening to do a sponsored parachute jump for endangered butterflies. Even though he is, and I’m late because I spent twenty minutes trying to talk him out of it.

The frazzled mum sinks onto a bench outside Honeyford Post Office, as I wonder whether caring for a baby is harder than looking after a relative who’s gone barmy since hitting the big eight-oh. One minute, he was a normal seventy-nine-year-old bloke who spent his time watching re-runs of Midsomer Murders. Then, at midnight on his birthday, he morphed into Bear Grylls.

He’s taken up jogging (very slowly) and joined Greenpeace ‘to save the world from plastic bags’. Last week, he went wild swimming in a local lake until the police brought him home in sopping wet underpants. So it’s hardly surprising that I’m on tenterhooks, wondering what Gramp will get up to next.

Though surely he wouldn’t be allowed to skydive at his age. Would he? I hurry past the centuries-old market house, picturing hordes of octogenarians flinging themselves from planes at twelve thousand feet.

Oh, no! Further along the High Street, I spot that my new boss Flora has already pulled up the window blinds at Honeyford Bookshop. The leaded panes are sparkling and two potential customers are checking out the window display. Breaking into an awkward half-walk half-run, I pull out my phone and glance at the jiggling screen, in case my watch is fast.

Nope, it’s eight fifty-nine, which means I have exactly sixty seconds to leg it along the road and hurtle through the shop door.

This extract made me smile! If you want to find out what Gramps s up to, and what happens between Callie and Noah, you can buy the book here:

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Meet Liz

Author bio

Liz Eeles writes funny, feel-good romantic comedies set in the Cotswolds and Cornwall. She was brought up in Gloucestershire so the Cotswolds are ‘home’, and she fell in love with Cornwall during family holidays there as a child.

Liz worked as a journalist for years and brought up a family on the south coast, all the while writing fiction on the quiet. After being short-listed in a couple of national novel-writing competitions, her dream of being a published author came true when she was signed by Bookouture.

Contact info

Twitter: @lizeelesauthor


Instagram: lizeelesauthor


Thanks for dropping by to talk to us about your book, Liz. Wishing you many sales.

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