I like to vary the genre of the books I feature on this blog so this week I’ve asked Amanda J Evans to tell us about her children’s book, Nightmare Realities 2 which was published by Handersen Publishing on the 3rd of September 2019. It is a collection of short spooky stories for children ages 8+. All the illustrations featured in Nightmare Realities 2 including the cover illustration were done by Amanda’s daughter Emma.

Well done, Emma. You must be very proud of her, Amanda.

Here’s the spooky book cover

Book Blurb:

Nightmare Realities 2: More Scary Stories for Dark Nights

Can you take off the mask? 

Will you escape the spooks of Drewbury Lane? 

Can you tell game from the reality?

The Nightmare Giving Demon is back with another collection of scary stories perfect for sharing on dark nights. 

Amanda is sharing an extract from the second story in the book, The Substitute Teacher


What a creepy teacher!

Alice raced down the hallway. She hated being late for class. She hated being late for anything. She skidded to a stop outside Ms Regan’s English class and took a deep breath. Glancing quickly at her watch, she released a sigh.

“Two minutes.”

She knocked and entered the room, her apology and excuse at the ready. All heads turned as she blurted out, “Sorry I’m late, Miss. I couldn’t get my locker to open and had to go and find maintenance…”

She stopped.

It wasn’t Ms. Regan standing at her desk.

It was a man.

Red creeped up her neck and face, filling her cheeks with more color than she liked. The giggles from her classmates made it even worse.

“And who might you be?” the man asked. His loud voice boomed and echoed around the room. “I don’t appreciate tardiness in my classroom, young lady?”

“Um, sorry, sir. I’m Alice…Alice Jenkins.”

“Well, Alice Jenkins, take your seat and allow me to continue my teaching. As I was saying to your classmates, Ms. Regan was in an accident last night, and will be absent for the foreseeable future. I will be taking your English class until she returns.” He smirked before turning to face the blackboard.

Alice made her way to her seat, her eyes begging her best friend Megan to look at her. She didn’t. Alice flopped down in the seat beside her and peered over to see what book lay open in front of her.

“Ms. Jenkins,” the substitute teacher said startling her. “We’re going over Act Two, Scene Two, the one where Juliet appears on the balcony as Romeo speaks below her declaring his affection. I presume you completed it as part of your homework assignment?”

Alice fumbled for her book and answered without looking up. “Yes, sir.”

“Jeez, who is this guy?” she mumbled, as Megan glanced in her direction but refused to say a word.

“Right then, class. I need two volunteers.” The new teacher looked right at her. “Who would like to be my actors for today? Alice?”

Alice stared in horror. Ms. Regan knew she was nervous about reading aloud and would never ask her to get up and act out a scene in front of the whole class.

“Well, we don’t have all day.” He folded his arms. “Take your position at the top of the class please.”

“I…um…I.” Alice fumbled over the words. Her heart galloped as she pushed back the chair and gripped her book. Her hands were already shaking and clammy.

“Act Two, Scene Two.” His loud voice made her jump. “You can play Juliet.” He looked around the room, a finger tapping against his chin as he smirked. “We need another volunteer. Who would like to star opposite Alice, here?”

He scanned the room as Alice shuffled forward and stood, centre of attention, just beside him. He smelled funny.

Alice wrinkled her nose as she tried to place it. The scent was familiar – musky, damp. She knew she’d smelt it before, but she couldn’t put her finger on it.

“You at the back, third from the right. What’s your name?” the teacher asked.

“Sean Burke.” 

Well, I’m spooked already! If you know a child who would love to read this book you can purchase it here:


It’s available as an ebook, paperback or hardback.

Nightmare Realities, the first collection was published in 2017 and is available in libraries across the US and will be coming to libraries in Ireland in the next week or two. 

Meet Amanda

Author bio

Amanda J Evans is an award-winning Irish author of YA and Adult romance in paranormal and fantasy genres. Growing up with heroes like Luke Skywalker and Indiana Jones, her stories centre on good versus evil with a splice of love and magic thrown in too. Her books have all won awards and her latest novella, Hear Me Cry, won the Book of the Year Award at the Dublin Writers Conference 2018. Amanda has been featured in a number of poetry anthologies in 2017 and 2018 including A Bowl of Irish Stew, a charity anthology for Pieta House and her short story Moonlight Magic was included in the Owl Hollow Press Anthology, Under the Full Moon’s Light, published in October 2018. Amanda’s latest novel, Winterland, is currently on submission with agents and she is working on a number of anthology stories at present which will publish in 2019 and 2020. Amanda is also the author of Surviving Suicide: A Memoir from Those Death Left Behind, published in 2012. 

Contact links

You can find out more about Amanda here: website www.amandajevans.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/amandajevanswriter


LinkedIn: http://ie.linkedin.com/in/amandajevans

/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ajevanswriter/

Also author of the Really Useful Links Column on writing.ie

Thanks for dropping by to talk to us, Amanda. I’m sure children will enjoy reading – and being scared by – your book especially with Emma’s brilliant illustrations!

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