I’m thrilled to welcome my good friends, Ann Evans and Robert D Tysall onto my blog today to talk about their jointly written horror thriller – The Bitter End. Ann and I have joined up for many a workshop, book-signing and school visit together.  She and Rob have both worked together on hundreds of magazine articles with Ann writing the articles and Rob taking the photos. Ann is also an accomplished author with many books, both for children and adults to her credit while this is Rob’s debut novel. Just take a look at that creepy cover!

Now let’s find out a bit about the story:


Paul finally has his life back on track. After losing his wife, Helena in a horrific car crash, he has found love with Sally and moves into her country cottage.

As a former high-ranking Naval Officer, Paul now works as Head of Security at MI5.

Paul has no memories from before he was ten years old. An accident left him in a coma for 9 months.  But was it really an accident?

Soon Paul starts to have flashes of childhood memories, all involving his childhood friend, Owen.

Sally introduces him to her friend, Juliet, the owner of a craft shop. Paul is shocked when he is introduced to Juliet’s partner, his old friend Owen.

Flashes of memories continue to haunt Paul, particularly the memory of his first wife Helena burning in the car crash.

As dark things start to happen, and local people begin dying in horrific accidents, Paul must face his past and will end up fighting for his life.

Here’s what some readers are saying about The Bitter End

‘This book scared the living daylights out of me!’ Marilyn Pemberton, Amazon

‘Wow,what a story. It kept me guessing all the way through.’ M.E.Mather. Amazon

‘Every word had me hooked, every page I was dreading the end of the story.’ Zoe

‘The Bitter End is a spine-chilling and unsettling novel with a clever plot which I can easily see being expanded further in subsequent novels.’ Hair Past A Freckle Book Reviews

Now let’s read an extract – Ann and Rob have been very kind and shared a nice, romantic scene so as not to scare us, but there’s a hint of how creepy the story gets….

In bed later that night, Paul made love to Sally again. This time it was gentle and slow, leading gradually into a passion that consumed them both. As they fell back against the pillows, the sighs that escaped their lips were ones of satisfaction.

The bed was far more comfortable than the one he had in London, and all the sounds of the countryside were keeping sleep at bay. Laying back on his pillow with Sally’s arm across his chest he could see a crescent moon through the window. Gazing at it, he tried to distinguish the different noises of the night. Squeaks coming from outside could be rodents, mice or voles maybe, and the louder high-pitched cries made him think that some poor rabbit had fallen prey to a fox.

‘Are you listening to it all?’ he murmured. ‘I heard an owl – an owl, Sally! Can you believe that?’

‘I’ve seen him,’ Sally murmured, not opening her eyes. ‘He’s a beautiful barn owl. And those gruff grunting sounds, that’s a badger.’

‘You’d think the night would be silent, but it’s as noisy as hell.’

She chuckled. ‘Wait till you hear the dawn chorus!’

The bedroom window was open, and the breeze gently rustled the open curtains. It was then that Paul heard the scraping, tapping sound against the window pane for the first time.

As if sensing the sudden tensing of his muscles, Sally’s fingers stroked his chest. ‘And that’s just the tree, talking to me.’

Paul looked at her.

She opened one eye and smiled. ‘I’m not joking. The yew tree likes to whisper its secrets to me.’

‘How much wine did you have?’

Sally mischievously tweaked his nipple. ‘I’m not drunk or mad. Listen.’

‘I’m listening.’ But all he could hear were the uneven tapping sounds of wood against glass.

‘There!’ said Sally. ‘Hear that? Pa…ul…Christ..ian. It knows your name.’

He did his best to tune into whatever woodland FM world she was listening to, but heard only the scratch, scratch, scratch sound as the breeze blew twigs and leaves across the glass. In the end he burst out laughing. ‘You’re the Doctor Dolittle of the tree world. What’s that song, ‘I talk to the trees, but they don’t listen to me. I know a man in a white coat who might though’?’

Sally dived on top of him, jabbing him with soft prods and pinches until he was curled up into a ball, laughing and doing his best to fend her off. He won after rolling on top of her and holding her wrists above her head in one hand.

‘Okay, Tree Girl, now what are you going to do?’

‘Mock if you like,’ she said, lying passively beneath him. ‘But it’s true. The tree even told me that we were meant to be.’

He rolled off her. ‘Go on, I’m intrigued.’

She sat up, the moonlight making her naked skin glow, highlighting the silhouette of her breasts. Paul lay propped up on one elbow, indulging her little fantasy. In fact, the way she looked at that moment, he would have indulged her anything.

There was excitement in her voice, as if this was something she’d been dying to tell him but had never found the right moment, until now.

‘After I’d first met you, and I’d come back here from London wondering if you would call me, like you’d promised, I heard the tree whispering to me. He’s the one. That’s what the scratching said, honestly Paul, it said: He’s the one, he’s the one, he’s the one …’

Well, that sent a chill down my spine. I’ve got a feeling there’s more to Sally than Paul realises! If you’re hooked and want to read more, you can buy the book here.

Buy links: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bitter-End-dark-mystery-twists-ebook/dp/B07F2GVQ6J


The Bitter End has its own Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/thebitterendbook/

And: http://thebitterend.org.uk/

Watch the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ds0DDVRHLRs

Now let’s find out a bit about the authors, Ann and Robert.


Coventry-born author and feature writer, Ann Evans, has been writing for over 30 years. What began as a hobby when her three children were small, developed into a career and a way of life. She currently has 31 books to her name, writing for children, young adults, reluctant teen readers, romance and crime/thrillers. Two of her children’s books were winners in the Coventry Inspiration Book Festivals of 2013 and this year, 2019.

Ann is a former feature writer for the Coventry Telegraph, and also writes regularly for various magazines – teaming up with Robert Tysall in his photographer’s capacity. Their writer/photographer combination has taken them all around the UK as well as to France and Switzerland writing on topics ranging from champagne to mountain rescue.

Ann is a member of the Society of Women Writers & Journalists (SWWJ), The Crime Writers Association (CWA), the Romantic Novelists Association (RNA) and the National Association of Writers in Education (NAWE).

You can contact Ann here:






Robert Tysall was born and brought up in Rugby, Warwickshire, and played the sport the town is famous for in his youth, until he discovered a passion and talent for music and photography. His career so far has been a busy mix of being lead vocalist and percussionist in bands, playing as far afield as Bahrain in the Middle East; plus working as a professional freelance photographer.

He is currently in a 60s, 70s & Beatles duo, and lives in Warwickshire with his wife, Heather. He has two grown up children who have both followed in his footsteps with their musical talents. Rob is multi published on the photographic side of things with countless magazine articles published, having worked with writer Ann Evans for many years as a writer/photographer duo. For quite some time he has dabbled with the idea of writing a novel – a dream which has finally come to fruition as Rob and Ann teamed up to collaborate on a supernatural thriller which was published by Bloodhound Books  in 2018.

Now that he has been bitten by the writing bug, there’s no stopping him, and two more book collaborations are currently in the pipeline.

You can contact Robert here:





Thanks so much for dropping by to talk to us about your book, Ann and Rob. We can’t wait to read your next collaboration!

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