A warm welcome to my guest today, children’s author, Rachel Coverdale. Rachel is talking to us about her latest release, The Boy Who Couldn’t.


A stirring action-adventure story about two very different boys whose lives unexpectedly cross, forcing them to create an uneasy friendship.

When they stumble upon a badger baiting plot by some dangerous criminals their tenuous relationship is tested to breaking point. Can they overcome their differences and fears to help each other and save the badgers?

A heart-breaking yet uplifting story about becoming the person you can be, not the person you are expected to be.

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It is available in all good book shops and can also be ordered from Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Boy-Who-Couldnt-Rachel-Coverdale/dp/1916108016

Rachel is sharing this extract with us today

Just as I slid the bolt back, one of the badgers knocked the cage door which, to my horror, flung against the Land Rover rear door with a loud CLACK!

Instantly, all the torches shone our way and my heart stopped.

“Sommat’s wrong.” shouted one of the men as they all ran to the back of the Land Rovers. As Ahmed looked at me I could see the same fear in his eyes that I was sure showed in mine. We turned and ran. Blind panic gave us super speed. Immediately, the men took up the chase. If we could just run fast enough, we could hide from them, deeper in the woods.

Ahmed sprinted off into the shadows and I had trouble keeping up, but the sound of big men crashing after us spurred me on faster and faster. We were running, jumping, ducking, and swerving. Brambles clawed at our legs, branches took sweeps at our heads, and the ground seemed to make itself as uneven as possible. Still we ran. Still the men kept crashing after us.

Fear consumed me. What would they do if they caught us? Would we face the same horrors as the badgers being thrown into a pit with killer dogs? My legs pounded hard into the uneven ground, I ducked under another branch, jumped over another rock, swerved around another tree. Ahmed seemed to be invincible as he ducked and dived, as graceful as a stag travelling at an immense speed.

The crashing of the big men behind me seemed to be getting louder. I thought I was already going my fastest, but somehow, I managed to pick up even greater speed. A branch ripped across my face. Any other time the pain would have crippled me, but this was nothing compared to what a dog would do to me if the men caught us.

If I could just keep running, surely the men would give up soon. I couldn’t seem to get enough air into my lungs, I was panting with my mouth wide, running and running. They were smokers, surely it wouldn’t be long before they were out of breath and would give up chasing us?

Then I heard the dogs. They’d joined in the chase. There was no chance we could out run them.

Another branch whipped me across the face making my vision blurry. I wiped my eye as I ran and suddenly realised that Ahmed was out of sight. He’d disappeared. We were better off splitting up anyway, if one of us got caught the other could go for help. I pushed myself harder. The sound of the men seemed to be getting more distant, then I hit a tree stump and smashed face down into the ground.

What an exciting scene, Rachel!

Meet Rachel

Meet Rachel

Rachel Coverdale was born and bred in the beautiful North Yorkshire countryside in North East England. Raised with copious amounts of animals, and without the distraction of a modern TV set, she turned to books and her own imagination for entertainment. Animals were and still are a huge part of her life and inevitably they made their way into her stories. She is keen to promote animal welfare and wishes to raise awareness about the vulnerability of British wildlife, particularly badgers.

As an adult, Rachel has worked with many troubled children and is passionate about highlighting their plights and encouraging people to see the damaged child hiding behind the poor behaviour.

Rachel also writes books for younger children. Believing strongly in fresh air, nature and outdoor play to give children a sense of fun and freedom, she uses her books to encourage children to venture into the countryside.

Contact Links

Website: https://rachelcoverdale.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rachellouisecoverdale/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RLCoverdale

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rachellouisecoverdale/

Thanks for dropping by to tell us about your lovely children’s book, Rachel. I hope it flies!

‘Thought provoking, entertaining…loved it!’

‘A wonderfully written Christmas feel good story’

‘I really enjoyed this story’.

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