A warm welcome to psychological thriller author, Sarah Mitchell, who is sharing a scene from her gripping new book, The Couple. The cover and blurb is certainly intriguing.


Whatever you think you know… you’re wrong.

Following a whirlwind four-month romance, lawyer Claire and hotel entrepreneur Angus are engaged to be married. Happy and successful, and ready to start their new life together, Claire and Angus find what they believe to be the perfect home.

But when Claire meets Mark, the man selling them the house, he looks eerily familiar. He looks exactly like the man she loved five years ago, the man she couldn’t bear to lose.

As Claire finds herself irresistibly drawn to Mark and crosses lines she never thought she’d cross, Angus’ behaviour becomes increasingly suspicious. Soon Claire doesn’t know whether she can trust Mark, Angus… or even herself.

The Couple is a psychological thriller with a stunning twist, perfect for fans of The Girl Before, The Wife Between Us, and The Woman in the Window.

Now let’s read an extract

When we pull up outside the house I notice that the downstairs curtains have not been drawn. They are long and heavy, indented with a pale fawn stripe. I try to remember if I opened them this morning when I made the tea but it feels as if a pendulum is repeatedly striking my right temple and all I can think about is climbing into bed. I thank the driver and root for my key amongst a wad of crusty tissues and supermarket receipts. When I open the door, I am confronted by semi-darkness; it seems the curtains over the French doors that lead out from the kitchen are drawn too. At the same time I can hear the light squeak of footsteps on a tiled floor. Instinctively my hand reaches for the light.

‘Don’t, Claire!’

In the split second that follows I see a man at the entrance to the kitchen. I think Daniel, then realise it is Mark, but my primal instincts react more quickly than my brain can process the fact of recognition and I jump nonetheless, making a noise somewhere between a gasp and a scream. Mark raises a finger to his lips and comes quickly towards me. He is wearing the same combination of white shirt and jeans, but the shirt has worked loose and his breaths are ragged. He pushes back his hair from a damp forehead.

‘Mark! What are you doing here?’ I gaze around the sitting room as if an explanation might be found, wrapped in newspaper, amongst the half-empty packing cases.

‘Claire,’ he says, and he is whispering, ‘I can explain. If you could just…’

At that moment there is a rap of knuckles on the front door. I jump again. Mark takes hold of my arm.

‘Don’t answer it.’ His hand closes around my wrist.

‘What do you mean?’ I say. ‘Who is it?’ I am whispering too. There is more knocking, which turns quickly to pounding. I can hear voices outside: angry, foreign voices.

Someone opens the letterbox and shouts, ‘Open the door, or we break window.’

I stare at Mark; his face is rigid. I glance down and see that my wrist is turning white. ‘We must call the police,’ I say. I reach into my bag with my free hand, scrabbling for my phone.

‘No!’ Mark shakes his head and jerks my shoulder. It hurts. A second later there is a grating sound, a raking of something sharp between the glass and the window frame.

‘We have to open the door,’ I hiss. ‘The glass will smash.’

‘If you open the door,’ he says, looking straight into my eyes, ‘I’m not here.’

‘Why don’t you go out the back?’

His fingers tighten. ‘Somebody will be watching the back.’ He smiles, and I realise he is asking me to take his side. ‘Remember Claire. Not here.’

It sounds an exciting  read, doesn’t it? Here’s what Readers are saying about The Couple:

‘A fiendishly smart psychological thriller, and I simply devoured it in a single day.’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars

‘I haven’t read a book with such an awesome “GOTCHA” moment in a long, long time. Brilliant!’ KayCKay Book Reviews, 5 stars 

‘I started this book on a Sunday morning and my family didn’t see me again until Sunday night! This book is a very fast read that had me hanging on the entire time… Just a brilliant read!’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars

‘5 stars for this twisted, twisty, dark, total mind game of a book. There wasn’t one thing I did not like about this book… The Couple is going to be HOT.’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars

‘I can see book clubs devouring this and questioning their own relationships: this book + wine = a rollicking reading evening! And, oh, the twists and ending!!!’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars

‘There are many twists – some were expected, while others were a shocker, and this makes for an overall great read!’ Goodreads Reviewer

‘I loved this book. Surprise ending with twist I didn’t see comingHighly recommend this one.’ NetGalley Reviewer, 5 stars

The Couple is a fast and exciting read.’ Goodreads Reviewer

Brilliant! Read in a couple of days, just couldn’t put it down. Proper twist at the end had me reeling!’ Sifat’s Book Kingdom

‘I got so pulled into The Couple I read it in one go – great twist!’ Harriet Tyce, author of Blood Orange

Want to read it? You can purchase it here:

Amazon: http://geni.us/B07KQH3SK5Cover

AppleBooks: tinyurl.com/y95bljfh

Kobo: https://tinyurl.com/ycsweodx 

Googleplay: tinyurl.com/yc8qpq4m

Meet Sarah

About Sarah

Sarah Mitchell grew up in Norfolk and studied law at Cambridge University. She practised as a barrister in London for nearly 20 years before turning to writing. Her debut novel, THE LOST LETTERS, was inspired by her parents’ and grandparents’ experiences in the Second World War and her desire to explore the heartbreaking impact of the war on women and children. By contrast, THE COUPLE is a dark psychological thriller that twins themes of right and wrong with the age-old complication of an all-consuming past love. Sarah and her husband now live in beautiful North Norfolk with three almost-grown-up children, two extremely affectionate dogs and a horse called Joey.

You can follow Sarah Mitchell on Twitter at @SarahM_writer

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