I’m delighted to welcome Morton S Gray back to my blog today, to share a scene from her romantic suspense novel, The Truth Lies Buried. I love this cover, it makes me want to go for a paddle in the sea. 🙂


About The Truth Lies Buried

Two children in a police waiting room, two distressed mothers, a memory only half remembered …

When Jenny Simpson returns to the seaside town of Borteen, her childhood home, it’s for a less than happy reason. But it’s also a chance for her to start again.

A new job leads to her working for Carver Rodgers, a man who lives alone in a house that looks like it comes from the pages of a fairy tale – until you see the disaster zone inside …

As Jenny gets to know Carver she begins to unravel the sadness that has led to his chaotic existence. Gradually they realise they have something in common that is impossible to ignore – and it all links back to a meeting at a police station many years before.

Could the truth lie just beneath their feet?

“A few songs later when she went to the back of the pub to find the toilet, she recognised two people she knew sharing a table and a kiss; Cindy Lewis and Andrew Jenkins. Goodness, was Andrew the man Cindy had referred to as potential husband number three? She sincerely hoped not, after what she had learned about him from her disastrous pizza night meeting, but she had a horrible feeling he was the man Cindy had talked about.

Jenny skirted past the couple, hoping they wouldn’t notice her. Thankfully, they didn’t. However, she wasn’t so lucky on the way back. Andrew put out his hand to stop her progress between the tables and she had to acknowledge the pair.

‘Hello, Cindy, Andrew. I didn’t know you two still saw each other.’

‘We met up again a few months ago.’ Cindy’s emphasis on the word met suggested intimacy.

‘Your singing’s good, Jenny. Pity you’re still with that toe rag Rodgers though.’ The sarcastic tone of Andrew’s words jarred.

‘You didn’t heed my warning, did you?’ added Cindy.

Annoyed that she felt the need to even listen to them, let alone reply, Jenny said, ‘Carver and I are just friends.’

‘Yeah, right,’ Andrew sneered, with a smirk on his face. Jenny wondered if he was daring her to say something about the events of the last time they had met. She was tempted, but decided not to stoop to his level.

‘Your mother would have been so upset,’ added Cindy.

Jenny froze, all intentions of not rising to the bait forgotten. ‘What has my mother got to do with it?’

Andrew now had a horrible grin on his face, matched by Cindy’s. They looked alike, Jenny realised. Two peas in a pod, her mother would have said. More like matching gargoyles, thought Jenny unhappily.

‘She wouldn’t be very pleased about you having anything to do with the son of the man who murdered your father.’

Jenny felt the blow of the energy of Cindy’s statement go straight to her stomach. She gasped, looking from Andrew to Cindy in disbelief.

The obnoxious pair seemed gleeful at getting a reaction. Cindy put her hand over Andrew’s on the table and her eyes seemed to bulge as she continued. ‘It’s true, Jenny. I told you to look him up. Carver Rodgers killed his wife. Like father, like son. My mum always said his father killed your dad. The rumours were all around Borteen at the time he disappeared.’

Jenny didn’t give them the satisfaction of any reply, she just stumbled away towards the chair where she’d left her coat. The sounds in the pub seemed muffled, including the music from the band, and she realised with horror that she was in danger of passing out. She slumped on her seat and downed the rest of her wine, desperate to stop the weird sensations coursing through her body and mind.Could it be true? Could it

Author bio

Morton lives with her husband, two sons and Lily, the tiny white dog, in Worcestershire, U.K. She has been reading and writing fiction for as long as she can remember, penning her first attempt at a novel aged fourteen. She is a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association and The Society of Authors.

Her debut novel The Girl on the Beach was published after she won the Choc Lit Publishing Search for a Star competition. This story follows a woman with a troubled past as she tries to unravel the mystery surrounding her son’s new headteacher, Harry Dixon. The book is available as a paperback and e-book.

Morton’s second book for Choc Lit The Truth Lies Buried is another romantic suspense novel, The book tells the story of Jenny Simpson and Carver Rodgers as they uncover secrets from their past. This book is available as an e-book, paperback and audiobook.

Christmas at Borteen Bay is Morton’s first Christmas novella. It is set in her fictional seaside town of Borteen and follows the story of Pippa Freeman, who runs the Rose Court Guesthouse with her mother, and local policeman Ethan Gibson, as they unravel a family secret as Christmas approaches.

Morton previously worked in the electricity industry in committee services, staff development and training. She has a Business Studies degree and is a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master. She also has diplomas in Tuina acupressure massage and energy field therapy. She enjoys crafts, history and loves tracing family trees. Having a hunger for learning new things is a bonus for the research behind her books.

You can catch up with Morton on her website www.mortonsgray.com, on

Twitter – @MortonSGray, her Facebook page – Morton S. Gray Author – https://www.facebook.com/mortonsgray/ and

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/morton_s_gray/

Purchasing links for The Girl on the Beach at http://www.choc-lit.com/dd-product/the-girl-on-the-beach/

Purchasing links for The Truth Lies Buried at http://www.choc-lit.com/dd-product/the-truth-lies-buried/

Thanks so much for dropping by to talk to us about your book, Morton. Wishing you many sales!

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