I’m delighted to welcome Sally Dixon onto my blog today. Sally is going to share a scene from her thrilling romantic novel, Three Girls, with us today. Let’s find out a bit about the novel first.


Three young women, three loves and three lives that are about to be changed forever. Caught up in a dangerous tide of extremism and racial tension, will  Marianne, Sadime and Bea find what each of them craves?

Marianne is Scottish and seconded to a large multinational company in The Hague. Bright, attractive and with a high-flying job. She has it all – or does she? It’s not easy bringing up a young son on your own and she’s still struggling to get over a disastrous relationship – and then Logan arrives on the scene.

Bea and Sadime are old school friends and work for the same multinational as Marianne. Bea is Surinamer but she was born in Holland and benefited from a good education and an outward-looking family – that is until her brother was radicalized at the local mosque.

Sadime has fallen in love with a young Dutch boy but this is anathema to her strictly fundamentalist  parents. They want to force her into an arranged marriage.

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Now let’s read an extract

Dirk was already pulling his jacket on. He gave Bea a quick brush with his lips and headed toward the door. “Come on Jaap, we don’t have much time.”

Jaap still hesitated but Sadime gave him a little push. “Go on.” Her lips curved in a wide smile which lit up her face and somehow knotted his stomach all at once.

He grabbed his coat and walked reluctantly after Dirk, stopping half way across the room and turning back. “I’ll call you tomorrow, OK.”

She nodded.

It was bitterly cold when the girls finally left the restaurant, with a mean wind blowing off the sea, making Bea pull her coat tightly around her. Sadime was quiet she noticed as they fell into step walking down the street, and her eyes were kind of misty. Bea didn’t think it was the wind that was causing it. “You all right?” she asked looking over at Sadime, trying to assess her mood.

She was rewarded with a dreamy smile. “Jaap’s really nice, don’t you think?”

Bea giggled. “He certainly thinks you are.” So that’s what it was.

“Really?” Sadime looked over at her eagerly. “Do you really think he likes me?”

“You would have to be blind not to see it. He dotes on you, stupid.”

Sadime blushed and walked on in silence for a moment. Their footsteps on the pavement were muffled by the sound of the wind. “It’s quiet isn’t it?” she said in an obvious attempt at changing the subject. But Bea was not to be diverted so easily. “In lurve are we?” she taunted.

Sadime refused to rise to the bait. She laughed and gave her a playful shove as she ran on ahead, dancing and skipping, her scarf flying behind her; looking for all the world, Bea thought, like some sort of wild sprite. She turned back and seemed about to call to Bea when a car suddenly came screaming around the corner and drew to a halt alongside her.

To Bea looking on helplessly, it all appeared to happen in an instant. One moment Sadime was standing laughing at her, her face aglow with happiness and the next minute she had been dragged into the car screaming and the pavement was empty. Bea stood stunned for what seemed like the longest time, the noise of the car’s engine mingling in her head with Sadime’s screams as it roared off down the street, the sounds soon lost in the wind. She’d tried to make out the number plate but it was too dark and it had all happened so quickly. She thought it looked like a taxi but she couldn’t even be sure of that. Her own mouth opened to scream as well but the sound wouldn’t come out and she stood there in the darkness staring at the fast disappearing tail lights of the car, gulping like a fish, stranded in a nightmare.

If you want to find out what’s happened to Sadime, you can purchase the book here:  Amazon  

Meet Sally

Author bio

Sally Dixon was born and grew up in the South East of England but moved overseas in her twenties. She has lived in many different countries from the US to the Middle East and Europe. She loves writing about the countries she has lived in and incorporating the many different experiences she has had in her writing  – some of them wonderful and some downright scary! She has now settled in southern France with her husband, two dachsies and two cats.

Sally has an arts and a science degree and has also studied music and Creative Writing. As well as her writing, she enjoys teaching English, French and Spanish to adult learners and walking the dogs through the French countryside.

Find out more about Sally here:

Blog – https://sallydixonsblog.wordpress.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/sallydixonauthor/posts/?ref=page_internal

Thanks for dropping by to talk to us about your exciting book, Sally. Wishing you many sales.

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