I’m delighted to welcome historical fiction author, A.E. Walnofer to the blog today. Let me tell you a little about her book.

Born with a red mark emblazoned across her face, seventeen-year-old Madge is lonely as she spends her days serving guests and cleaning rooms in the inn her father keeps.

One day, she meets an unusual minstrel in the marketplace. Moved by the beauty of his song and the odd shape of his body, she realizes she has made her first friend. But he must go on to the next town, leaving her behind. Soon after, while she herself is singing in the woods, she is startled by a chance meeting with a stranger there. Though the encounter leaves her horribly embarrassed, it proves she need not remain unnoticed and alone forever.

However, this new hope is shattered when she overhears a few quiet words that weren’t intended for her ears. Heartbroken and confused, she flees her home to join the minstrel and his companion, a crass juggler. As they travel earning their daily bread, Madge secretly seeks to rid herself of the mark upon her cheek, convinced that nothing else can heal her heart.

Set in England in 1681, With Face Aflame is the tale of a girl who risks everything in hopes of becoming the person she desperately wants to be.


Suddenly, there was the creak of the entryway door opening. For years I’d fled at that sound and did so now into the adjoining sitting room. I was fully behind its wall as footsteps crossed the wooden floor to the desk.

“Welcome to the Gander’s Wing,” Pappy said. “How might I help…ah, I recollect you.”

The last words fell flat as if the remembrance was a disappointment.

“Good…good day, sir,” a deep, though timid sounding voice began. “I am called Yates of Lethwood. Last week, I unwittingly frightened a young woman whom I believe lives here. I’ve come to make amends.”

“No need,” Pappy responded, curtly. “She is perfectly sound. But tell me this, Yates of Lethwood, how came you to know where to find her?”

With my heart pounding in my ears, I pressed my face up against the wall and leaned out just enough to peek at this Yates fellow. A tall, young man, he stood before the desk with a sack in his hands, his shoulders slumped forward.

“Oh. After you came for her shoes, I…I watched where…”

“You followed me,” Pappy interrupted.

“Uh, aye. Please, sir. Might I explain? I’m apprentice to Hodges the Cordwainer. Last week he’d sent me off to Wexhall, and that’s when I came across your daughter in the woods, singing.”

“She was singing?” Pappy asked. “In the woods?”

I blushed at the memory.

“Aye,” Yates said as if it were the most natural thing in the world, then began to open the sack. “Watching her flee, I felt ill at the fright I caused her. And I’ve…”

Oh, let him continue! I caught Pappy’s eye over Yates’s head and looked at him pleadingly.

He stuck his tongue out at me as Yates pulled some things out of the bag and placed them on the desk.

“I’ve crafted these as penance.” 

“Shoes,” Pappy observed amusedly.


Pappy reached to lift one from the desktop and flipped it over, examining it closely. Though I couldn’t see the pair clearly, I saw Pappy’s face soften into something close to appreciation.

“These are a fine pair,” he said. “But ‘twould be unseemly for a girl to accept such a gift. What would it imply?”

“N-nothing, sir, I assure you,” Yates continued. “And they’re crafted exactly for her foot from the measurements I took of the mudprints.”

Pappy bit his cheek and shook his head.

Don’t send them away! My hands itched to hold them as I leaned further out from the wall, having grown careless in my spying.

At that moment, Yates turned his head in my direction and our eyes met. I darted back, but not before I saw his face change from frustration to surprise.

For the next horrible moment, all I heard was my heart pounding in my ears and the stupid sound of Pappy quietly chuckling. My face burned as I curled up against the wall as small as I could, waiting miserably for either of them to say something.

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Meet A.E. Walnofer

Author bio

A.E. Walnofer has been making up stories since before she could read or write. She’s fascinated by the fact that human behavior persists so clumsily, admirably and amusingly throughout the ages and across all cultures. During the work-week, she works as a physical therapist’s assistant, mobilizing soft tissues and joints, applying TENS units to rehabilitating parts and performing the occasional manual cervical traction treatment. On the weekends, she sits at her computer, tapping away at her present fictional work in progress, and dreaming about the next vacation she and her husband will take to some cool, green, leafy destination.

Contact links:

mail — aewalnofer@gmail.com

website — aewalnofer.com

Thanks for dropping by A.E. to share a scene from your fabulous book with us. Wishing you lots of sales!

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