Books make super Christmas presents so I thought I’d gather together a selection of gorgeous Christmas books that would make perfect stocking fillers. And for day five we’ve got a wonderfully festive dose of nostalgia with Christmas Roses – More Stories form Broome Park Prefab Village by Pat Posner.

Cover painting by David Young:


Welcome back to Broome Park Prefab Village for this new collection of stories set in the 1950s and celebrate Christmas and other events with the prefab families.

Rationing has ended and there are new products arriving in the shops – though when the weather is cruel, the villagers still have to find ways of ‘making do’.

There’s love and romance for the young and not so young, worries of keeping secrets, problems and mysteries and the odd crime or two but, above all, friendship and neighbourliness.

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Your ‘Broome Park Prefab Village’ books are very popular, Pat. Can you tell us a bit about the series?

All the stories in this book are set in the mid-1950s. Although rationing had ended by Christmas 1954, and new products were arriving in the shops, not many of the prefab villagers could afford to ‘splash out’ on expensive items. But sharing and caring and community spirit was strong and, even though decorations and Christmas cards were usually hand-made and presents were often second-hand items made to look as good as new, Christmas was a special time for the young and not-so-young.

And, in Broome Park Prefab Village, the community spirit lasted all year through – problems were shared and solved as other events like Easter, a wedding, a trip to see Blackpool lights took place. There were a couple of mysteries to solve as well before Christmas came round again…

How intriguing! Can you tell us a little about your own festive  traditions, Pat?  What is your favourite Christmas memory?

I was born in 1945. I think some of my favourite Christmas memories are from the early 1950s (maybe that’s why I love setting my books in that era). We always went to my auntie Ruby’s on Christmas Day. We walked through a park to get to her house and sometimes stopped at the playground so I could have a ride on the big wooden rocking horse. At Auntie Ruby’s there was a fireplace in the hall with a real coal and log fire to welcome us when we walked in. There was also a big gong in the hall. I was allowed to bang the gong when it was time for Christmas dinner. In one of the rooms there was a billiard table and my cousin Brian (about 12 years older than me – and my hero) used to give us a puppet show with string puppets dancing on the billiard table. Sometimes, we slept over for Boxing Day and ‘my’ bedroom had a bookcase next to the bed and I used to love reading my cousin’s William and Billy Bunter books.

Oh, I loved those books too! When do you usually put your Christmas tree up? And do you prefer a real or artificial one?

Our Christmas tree goes up on Christmas Eve – just like it did when I was little. I love a real tree but it isn’t practical when you’ve got pets so we have an artificial one. We’ve a real one in the garden, though, and I fill that with treats for the birds … and the squirrels visit for Christmas if it isn’t too cold.

That sounds lovely! How do you spend Christmas Day?

We have family visiting on Christmas Eve. Christmas Day we stay home and, apart from a few treats and more tv watching than usual, things aren’t much different from other days.

That sounds very relaxing. What present are you hoping to receive this year

I haven’t decided on a present I’d like yet but I’ve been looking at cashmere jumpers.

I hope you find one in your stocking. 🙂  Thanks so much for dropping by to talk to us, Pat. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.


Meet Pat

Pat had her first publication when she was eight – a silly rhyme in her school magazine. A few years later she started writing children’s books and has had over 100 published.

She has written short fiction for women’s magazines and Pocket Novels, published by DC Thomson and in large print books by Ulverscroft.

Now, published by Fabrian Books, she writes ‘family and friends’ Story Collections and novels set in the 1950s and also contemporary romance. Her books are set in villages in Lancashire and the Yorkshire Dales. Everyday life in country villages, where gossip and ‘newsiness’ abound, isn’t always as tranquil or as uneventful as it sometimes seems. But there’s usually a neighbour or friend to help overcome any problems.

Pat lives in a farmhouse on a sheep farm with her husband, Peter. They are owned by Ted, their Rough Collie, visiting wildlife and the sheep who graze in the moorland meadows outside Pat’s study window. The farmhouse and animals often appear in her stories.

You can find out more about Pat here


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